Our Iconic IRIS


In the depth of the IRIS lies the core strengths of AKAR DE NISSIM - a synergy of refined craftsmanship and expertise in the mastery of noble and precious materials. An eye for an IRIS bodes the primary attraction to elegance in fine simplicity.

Light in the IRIS

A marvel of nature, the nacre exists in exquisite refinement in presentation and value. A creation of this precious Mother-of-Pearl begins in the depths of the ocean, yet its presence exists in lightness and supple sentimentality. A fine and feminine asset that evokes wanderlust in sight.
Each of 46,500 strips of Mother-of-Pearl meticulously selected to under- go its evolution singularly, piece by piece.
In the mastered hands of our craftswoman, each strip is measured with the sensibilities of the artisan that is founded by sincere understanding of the nacre in its most natrual form.
With a meticulous hand and full presence in this craft, it would require an essential 2,500 hours for this creation to emerge.
An enchanting journey in the world of the nacre transformed.

A Delicate Synergy

In juxtaposition to this tenderness exists the foundation of IRIS, an etude of the noble maple directed by our artisanal craftsmen, utilising their generational expertise in the creation of fine lacquer that envelops its primary foundation in a sensuous pearlescent finish.
At the intersection of balanced femininity and masculinity, this transcendental masterpiece embodies the vision and savoir-faire of AKAR DE NISSIM in refined harmony and elegance, highlighting the enchantment of nature in life.