AKAR DE NISSIM is fully owned by Markelin Sharewards Pte Ltd. When identifying “AKAR DE NISSIM”, it includes the parent company Markelin Sharewards Pte Ltd.

At AKAR DE NISSIM, every creation has been handmade with utmost care and quality, and should be treated as such during the use and handling of our furniture, lighting, and accessories. We stand by our manufacturers and products, confident to have delivered a beautiful creation in your space that is also durable and lasting.

Warranty period for all products, excluding Lighting consumables, is 24 months, commencing from the date of balance invoice issued if up to 50% deposit was made upon confirmation of order, or, date of invoice if 100% payment was completed upon purchase.

If, during the warranty period, a product is deemed defective by the user, the part that is deemed defective will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer of AKAR DE NISSIM if defect is deemed manufacturer’s fault at AKAR DE NISSIM’s sole discretion. This warranty does not cover wear and tear, misuse, or disapproval of any natural characteristics of materials used. AKAR DE NISSIM shall not be responsible or liable for costs of replacement or repairs due to improper use, mishandling or damages during shipment and delivery, installation, damages due to weather discrepancies, service or testing of the goods at user’s discrepancy.

During the warranty period, AKAR DE NISSIM shall bear the costs of replacement parts if, at AKAR DE NISSIM’s sole discretion, the product part is deemed defective in workmanship.

All items to be replaced or repaired must be original AKAR DE NISSIM products without prior handling from other workshops other than the manufacturer of AKAR DE NISSIM, or approved agents by AKAR DE NISSIM. All parts and/or products that are serviced, tested, repaired, replaced outside of AKAR DE NISSIM’s manufacturer or approved agents will not be accepted for repair or replacement. In breach of this condition, warranty rights are waived automatically. Approval of agents must have written consent from AKAR DE NISSIM. AKAR DE NISSIM shall not be responsible for consequential reciprocal costs for shipping and handling if a product is discovered at our factory to have been handled by unapproved agents.